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Yoga Fit Personal Training

With personal training yoga classes, you will work on your goals with your teacher and get personalized instruction based on your health, body type, and lifestyle—and on your time. We will carefully select one of our expert teachers to craft classes that meet your personal needs. Can also be booked with a partner or small group. Contact us to know more.

Benefits of Personal Training

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Personalized Attention

You'll receive personalized guidance and attention from our Yoga Master. Ensuring that the yoga practice is tailored to your specific needs, abilities and goals.


Personalized Feedback

Immediate and personalized feedback from the instructor can help you refine your practice and make necessary adjustments, ensuring that you're maximizing the benefits of each yoga session.

Customized Program(s)

The instructor can design a yoga program that addresses your unique strengths, weaknesses, and any specific health concerns or limitations you may have.

Progress Monitoring

With one-on-one sessions, your progress can be closely monitored. The trainer can track your improvements and make necessary adjustments to optimize your practice.

Correct Alignment & Technique

The instructor can focus on correcting your alignment and technique in real-time, helping to prevent injuries and ensuring that you get the most out of each yoga pose.


Goal Achievement

Working closely with a personal trainer allows you to set realistic and achievable goals. The instructor can help you stay motivated and on track to reach those goals.

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